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TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp
TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

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I am in law school so I work and study into the late hours of the night. I bought two of these TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp because when you are working late at night, you need a light bright enough to keep you awake. I actually found out I really only need one (two is overkill), however the other lamp is used by my husband who also works pretty late at home on business matters, and he loves it. Never underestimate the power of light! Here is a list of what I love about the lamp followed by a list of what I hate about the lamp.

What I love:

+the different light colors: sometimes I need a bright LED light and other times I need more natural sunlight.

+the brightness levels: this is super helpful when your eyes start to hurt because the light started off as perfect but ended feeling too strong.

+the USB connection in the back: I’m always charging my phone.

+the design: this is the crowning feature because I can control and alter the lamp at any angle, and when I’m done with the lamp I can fold it down and it doesn’t look like it’s taking all this counter space. It kind of looks like a thick ruler on the table which for someone like me, notorious for disposing of anything that can be considered clutter, has helped me maintain peace of mind when I’m not using the lamp during the day.

+the (trans)portability: this goes into the design aspect, but just folding it up allows me to take it anywhere and the fact that you can remove the cord and plug from the lamp allows me to put this in my rolling briefcase in case I want to study outside of home.

+the silver and white color combination is perfect and camouflages into my living space (white walls and wood floors);

+touch buttons: once the lamp is plugged in the power, light setting, and brightness settings can be controlled by touch, which is awesome because who wants to work with dials or hard press buttons.

What isn’t my favorite:

-the blue light that turns on when the lamp is plugged in but not in use: okay, so this may be a necessary evil as you want to be able to locate the power touch button, but for some reason it’s annoying for me. However, it kind of is a good feature in the end because it reminds me to unplug the lamp (save electricity) when it isn’t in use.

Promised Review By christian thornton
  • Minimalistic touch-sensitive
  • Built-in USB Port
  • A sturdy aluminum alloy build
  • Combines style and the latest technology.
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