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Air Purifier For Office -23%
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Air Purifier For Office


I have had this Air Purifier For Office for almost a year now. It's still very quiet and the fans run strong. It is running at least 12hrs a day. The black pre-filter only killed odors for about a week. Any replacement pre-filters only work on odors for about a week as well. I just vaccum and wash mine. The main hepa ...

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Air Purifier Smoke Eater
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Air Purifier Smoke Eater


This is my first air purifier, and I gotta say, it's pretty amazing.There is a button that looks like documents. Not sure what it does. I didn't read the manual. Maybe it's some sort of reset for the filter? Promised Review By Brandon Cohen IMAGESDESCRIPTIONPRICESOURCEKOIOS Air Purifier & Cleaner  $49.92 ...

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Ozone Air Purifier
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Ozone Air Purifier


My wife and I use this air purifier in a large master bedroom with attached bathroom. It does a terrific job removing orders out of the air and making the air smell fresh. We're amazed at how well it works considering its small size. The noise is not even noticeable. The price was reasonable. We're so happy with this ...