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Tactical Vest With Holster

Tactical Vest With Holster
Tactical Vest With Holster

YAKEDA Outdoor Tactical Airsoft Vest Adjustable Fit Adult

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Tactical Vest With Holster is very nice product. The previous reviews dont lie – this vest is absolute TOP QUALITY!!

I spent almost 2 decades in the Canadian Military….and this vest, is 100% BETTER than what we were issued! Most guys, when you deploy, will buy their own gear – so they can mod and built it how they like……I’d without a doubt take this overseas!! For the money spent – this is a product that is easily on par with brand name tactical gear like 5.11 and Condor!

I modded my vest for working out! I had a weight vest, but hated the layout. As you can see in the pics, I loaded this bad boy up – 2 ballistic plates (front/back)…I have 3 2lb weights in each mag pocket….and then loaded up the rear 3 pouches with 6 more, to even out the weight.

The vest fit amazing and felt phenomenal when I put it on! The quality and workmanship in the building is exceptional, and I have no doubts it will hold up the the added weight.

If you are looking for a great piece of kit, for paintball, airsoft or even as a alternative to a weighted vest….you will NOT find a better deal than this vest!!

By far the best item I’ve EVER bought of Amazon!

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