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Tablet Pillow For iPad

Tablet Pillow For iPad
Tablet Pillow For iPad

The Original Flippy Multi-Angle Soft Pillow Lap Stand for iPads, Tablets, eReaders, Smartphones, Books, Magazines (Super Red)

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Tablet Pillow For iPad is very nice product. If I think about ALL the times I’ve had my iPad (which is in a non-slick leather cover, by the way) slide off whatever pillow I had it propped up on while in bed, all the times if fell off my lap while reading on the couch…all the times my hard iPad screen fell forward and whacked me in the face while lying in bed because I didn’t have it propped securely and at the right angle…and all the times I had to rig up some sort of structure to get the proper viewing height and angle for a lengthy FaceTime call, only to have to do it all over the following day..

I just shake my head at myself at all of the trouble and aggravation I put myself through…for over a DECADE! My iPad’s current leather cover even props it up at various angles….but it just does NOT cut it, as it still managed to slide or hop off of my lap. NOT fun when you’re comfortably tucked in bed! I stumbled onto this godsend purely on accident when I wasn’t even looking for one, and took the leap of buying something I had never seen before…not at a friend’s, in a store, or in an advertisement.

SO glad I took the chance….I knew seriously within 30 seconds after opening the Amazon box that it was going to be one of the best $40.00 I had ever spent, and also knew this product would be getting A LOT of “mileage”. I never use my iPad without it now, regardless of me being on the couch, in bed, or at my desk! I also needed to read an article in a magazine the other day and it held the thing down perfectly…both pages completely flat, as the curvature of the Flipy where the bottom edge of the magazine sat, is just so – that the curve and fabric held the page’s edges down wonderfully somehow. I have impaired vision in one eye.

As a result, sometimes things around the house don’t end up where they should. I’ve sat down on the couch at least 5 times and accidentally sat down on this “pillow” as they’re calling it, and thanked the product designer every time that it didn’t have any hard internal parts in it! (And it doesn’t even hint at losing it’s shape after my doing so repeatedly, I should add.) Nothing has happened with my morning coffee as of yet, but I am thrilled that the cover comes right off (using the barely visible zipper) and goes right through with a load of wash when the time comes

I am here leaving this review right now because I am ordering one for my Mom who uses her Kindle daily. It’s her birthday and I know she’ll totally love it. I’m also incredibly glad that I found this because she is SO hard to buy for! (“The girl who has everything”) …Well, she doesn’t have THIS, so it will be fantastic to actually get her something that she doesn’t already have…that I KNOW she’ll love, and that she WILL actually USE.

Whoever designed this deserves to live well from it’s profits!

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