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Synthetic Motor Oil

$50.05 $52.95
Synthetic Motor Oil
Synthetic Motor Oil
$50.05 $52.95

Castrol 06116 POWER1 V-TWIN 4T 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil, 1 Quart Bottle, 6 Pack

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Synthetic Motor Oil good product.My Ducati Monster 696 calls for 15W-50 Shell Advance Ultra, which is not available in the US. I’ve looked for equivalents and tried numerous different oils. I found a few like Silkolene that are JASO MA (for wet clutches) and xW-50 weight to protect the air cooled engine during the summer. However, with a 15W-50 or 20W-50 synthetic, the Ducati engine has a really hard time starting in cold temperatures. I always felt that a synthetic 5W-50 would probably be the best way to go for the Ducati engine by offering low viscosity in the cold to assist with cold starts, and the 50 weight to protect it during hot weather usage. The closest I could find is the Castrol 10W-50, which actually helped my cold start issue. I was able to start the bike at 19F ambient, which is actually too cold to ride comfortably unless you are a diehard biker and need to get your 2 wheel fix during the winter.

What I still need to test is hot weather speed shifting. I tried Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 synthetic, which supposedly meets JASO MA, but caused my clutches to slip badly during WOT speed shifting. With the T6, I suspect the xW-40 was too light of an oil to prevent the clutches from slipping/grabbing. Once I drained the T6 and poured in M1 V-Twin 20W-50, the clutches worked properly. The M1 20W-50 is actually robust oil, but it is too thick for reliable cold starts, even when the ambient temperature is about 40F.

Overall: 5/5 stars, actually a great price for what appears to be a robust oil. I wish they made more motorcycle oils in different weights like 5W-50 and 10W-50 in the US. I am hesitant to try 10W-40 in my Ducati because of my experience with the Rotella T6 5W-40.

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  • Best performance Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
  • Trizone technology
  • Transmissions and primary chaincases
  • HighTemperature air-cooled
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