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Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover

Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover
Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover

COPOZZ Scuba Mask, No Fogging Snorkeling Scuba Dive Glasses, Great Seal Free Diving Tempered Glass Mask Goggles

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Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover is very unique product. As a SCUBA assistant instructor, I purchased this mask as a backup and a spare for students. I have a large head, but this mask seemed to fit me well without leaking and the strap tightness is very easy to adjust and stays put when you have the size set. As with any new mask, defog procedures need to be followed or it will give you trouble.

The above pictures help illustrate the defog procedure. In the first picture, I was trying to get the mask to fog by exhaling through my nose into he mask. It obviously fogged rather easily as all new masks will. During the manufacturing process, contaminants deposit on the glass that must be removed before use or there will be fogging difficulties.

In the seconds picture I have applied the cheapest non gel toothpaste I could find to the right lens only for demonstration purposes. I rubbed the toothpaste around on the lens and rinsed it under hot water. I repeated his process three time on the right lens. The third picture shows the results toothpaste. I once again tried to get the mask to fog by exhaling into it through my nose. The untreated side fogged easily, but the toothpaste treated side showed no signs of fogging.

The final picture is of the mask after both lenses have been treated 4 times with the toothpaste and rinsed. Neither side fogged although I tried to get them to. I then took the mask into a cool pool and treated it once again with standard defog solution and rinsed it. In the pool I had no problems with fogging or leaking. I will be taking the mask into the pool again to tomorrow for 4 hours for further testing and will update the review if needed, but so far this mask seems to be an excellent value.

Promised Review by Robert B
  • Double-Lens Panoramic View
  • Tempered Glass Lenses
  • Great Seal Comfortable Skirt
  • Fit Different Face Shapes
  • Adjustable Headband