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SwaddleMe Arms Free Convertible Pod

SwaddleMe Arms Free Convertible Pod
SwaddleMe Arms Free Convertible Pod

SwaddleMe Arms Free Convertible Pod – Size Large, 3-6 Months, 2-Pack (Tumbling Tulips )

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SwaddleMe Arms Free Convertible Pod is very nice product. They don’t stick to other clothes in the washer and you don’t have to fight with the velcro and a screaming kid. My baby hates to be swaddled and fights me every minute, so being able to grab the zipper and zip her in with one hand while holding her arms with the second has been a lifesaver. Also, the 2 way zipper is amazing.

I love not having to get her totally swaddled for those middle of the night diaper changes. She sleeps much better and I love that they are stretchy enough for her to reposition her arms but tight enough to prevent her startling herself awake. The arm holes make a good transition to a sleep sack once she begins rolling over. We now have all the sizes. Pictured left to right is newborn, small/medium (0-3 mo no arm holes), small/medium with arm holes (3-6 mo), and large with arm holes (6-9 mo) so you can see the sizes.

The size between the lines with arm holes and the ones without are different with the arm hole ones being larger because your baby will be more likely to roll over when they are bigger. Love all of these, wish there were more truly gender neutral prints like the bumblebees that

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  • The Arms Free Convertible Pod
  • The SwaddleMe Arms Free Convertible Pods
  • The secure design of this swaddle blanket creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby
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