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Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Super Entertainment System SNES Classic Edition with Two 6-ft. Extension Cable

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System is very nice product. Nearly 30 years after this system was released, and more than 20 years after it was discontinued, the SNES is still one of the most respected and popular systems today. This is the console that put RPG’s on the map. This classic re-release is easy to hook up, and comes with the original controllers and 22 games, all of which were among it’s most popular and critically acclaimed titles.

A great bargain for video game enthusiasts and well worth the money. I’m having a great time playing this. My only complaint is Nintendo didn’t release a player’s guide for this bundle of games. Trying to find the individual player’s guides for them now you would end up paying 50 bucks or more for each one. I think they missed a real opportunity to make some more money on something customers definitely would have purchased.

Yes, I know publishing a player’s guide for 22 games might not be practical, but Squaresoft did it years ago for it’s Final Fantasy Chronicles, (2 games in one guide, but condensed). Just make the pictures and such smaller and fit more on a page. Even though the system was released 3 years ago, I still think there is plenty of market for this. Other than that, any video game enthusiast, or even a casual gamer like myself will get hours of enjoyment out of this system.

A bonus is not only can you save your games like you could on the original SNES cartridges, but there is also a suspend feature that allows you to save any game at any point instantly, (rather than having to look for a save point in the game, but those are all there as well). Another thing I don’t understand is why Nintendo made such a limited amount of these systems and refuses to make more. They have only to gain more money, and so many people still want this product.

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