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Suncatcher UV Sanitizing Wand

$9 $10.95
Suncatcher UV Sanitizing Wand
Suncatcher UV Sanitizing Wand
$9 $10.95

SUNCATCHER UV Sanitizing Wand - Portable UVC Light Disinfection Lamp - Travel, Home & Work

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Suncatcher UV Sanitizing Wand is a very nice product. The wand is convenient and portable. A great option for non-chemical disinfection.

UV-C light (used in this device) has been proven effective against a wide range of viruses including COVID19

The Suncatcher Personal Sanitizing Wand provides effective protection from germs, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and mold throughout your home.

Promised Review by Antonio E Castillo M
  • Quickly sanitize bathroom surfaces
  • Compact professional style
  • Utilizes UV light to disinfect
  • Ideal for foreign objects
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