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Suave Hand Sanitizer Spray

Suave Hand Sanitizer Spray
Suave Hand Sanitizer Spray

Suave Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Based Kills 99.9% of Germs 10 oz,Pack of 6

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Suave Hand Sanitizer Spray is very nice product. This product has 65% ethyl alcohol (ethanol), which meets the minimum CDC recommendation. From the CDC’s website: “CDC recommends using [alcohol-based hand rub] with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol in healthcare settings.”

Anyway, even though I bought the product while it was temporarily out of stock, it arrived within four days of my order. Bought a second set for a family member, which hasn’t arrived yet, but is expected to arrive within two weeks of the order.

So, at least at this point, don’t let that be the reason not to order the stuff. It was well-packaged and I had no issues with the product or delivery. I tried one out and the spray works well and there’s no scent – other than alcohol, but once it dries, you don’t smell anything. The expiration date is April 2021.

Promised Review by A&G
  • Suave hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs (effective at eliminating over 99.9% of many common harmful germs and bacteria)
  • This hand sanitizer formula should be used when soap and water are not available
  • This antibacterial hand sanitizer has no added fragrance
  • Suave hand sanitizer reduces bacteria on the hands