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Studio Microphone

$46.99 $69.99
Studio Microphone
Studio Microphone
$46.99 $69.99

Studio Microphone, ZealSound Condenser Recording & Broadcasting Microphone With Stand Built-in Sound Card Echo Recording Karaoke Singing for Phone PC Garageband Smule Live Stream & YouTube (Rose Gold)

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Studio Microphone is a good enough microphone, but I don’t think it’s good enough at this price point. The microphone comes with a shock-isolated stand, a pop filter, a charging cable, a (pretty short) 3.5mm audio cable, and a headphone splitter.

Overall, it’s a pretty good pack-out of (cheap feeling, but nice to have) standard equipment. The pop filter works pretty well. It definitely reduces plosives well enough for it to be worth having.

The mounting system is awkward, and it’s EXTREMELY easy to over-tighten, causing the plastic to split and forcing you to glue it back together. The shock isolated stand works surprisingly well, too. It reduces tables bumps and typing noises better than you would expect from a cheap microphone.

The stand itself keeps the microphone nice and sturdy, but it does feel cheap and the legs are hard to move in a way that feels like I may break them sometimes.

The microphone itself is sort of an odd beast. It has an internal battery, I guess so you can use it with your phone. I was using it with my Windows 10 PC, so I attempted to connect it with the micro usb cable. Unfortunately, my computer didn’t recognize it at all, so after a bit of fiddling I gave up and connected it through the aux jack.

It believe it still needs to be connected to power when using the aux jack, but I haven’t tested what happens after the internal battery dies. I tested the audio passthrough mode, and it works decently enough to not be bothersome, but it’s definitely got more delay than my Blue Yeti, which may not be fair comparison since it cost 2x as much.

The sound quality of the microphone is quite good! My voice is very clear, and tones seem accurate. The biggest problem for me, and the reason that this gets 4 stars instead of 5, is that there is a good bit of static hiss no matter what your setting are adjusted to. It’s not so much that it’s picking up room tone, but it sounds like noisy circuitry to my ears. Still, once you do adjust your settings to the best of your ability, it does sound pretty good. Plenty better than a $30 microphone I’ve tried in the past and much better than any laptop or webcam microphones.

OVERALL I wouldn’t recommend buying this microphone. For about the same price ($50), you can get a Blue Yeti, and have a much better user experience, a more sturdily-built device, and less static.

UPDATE: The price has been reduced to $39. At that price point, I think it’s actually very reasonable. I would personally go with the snowball for a bit more money, but if you can’t afford it then this is a decent choice.

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  • Plug and play & Easy to Use and Setup
  • Not Only On/Off Function & Perfect for Vocals
  • Real-Time Monitor
  • Portable and Durable
  • Omnidirectional Pattern
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