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Stress Relievers Toys

Stress Relievers Toys
Stress Relievers Toys

Spinning Top, Wind Gyro, Wind Blow Turn Gyro Desktop Decompression Toys, Airflow Spinning Gyro, Desktop Gyro, Stress Relief Toy, Gift for Christmas (Multicolour)

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One of my sons is having a lot of anxiety trying to finish up school so I got this Stress Relievers Toys as a stocking stuffer for him for Christmas. He just called to tell me he has been keeping it on his desk and when he is feeling anxious he watches it spin and it is really helping him to regain a sense of control and calm. So not only is it a fun gadget but can provide a sense of calm too!

Promised Review By Kcuret
  • Revolve Decompression Ball
  • A decompressed desk toy for both adults and children
  • The wind blows
  • The colors were brilliant
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