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Storage Jars For Weed

Storage Jars For Weed
Storage Jars For Weed

Herb Guard - Half Oz Smell Proof Jar and Airtight Container (250 ml) Comes with Humidity Pack to Keep Goods Fresh for Months

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Storage Jars For Weed is very nice product. OK, first, they are NOT unbreakable! I dropped mine on concrete. Half a dozen large pieces, and a quick broom and dustpan cleaned it up. NO damage to any of the contents, which is what this review is about.

I have been using this 250 ml jar since 2018. Using 2″ sticky cork, I lined the inside (for quiet comfort) and a square in the bottom, but not one inside the cap, and use it as my Masterdam grinder (5 piece) container. It is a perfect fit. Not tight, the cork only keeps it quiet inside. Grind my herb. Leave unused portions in the grinder for later, and store the grinder in the “smell proof” jar. I have a larger, 3 5/8″ diameter X 2 3/4″ high (roughly) which I use to store multiple small bags of herb, a pipe, and a lighter. These two jars make my travel pack.

Mine broke, duh. I simply LOVE these jars and I am here, the same day I dropped it, to get an immediate, identical, replacement. Thanks to Amazon, being able to do this, is soooo easy.

Review… Excellent quality glass (and yes, if you try, you can see light through them. Won’t work with standard house bulbs, try using the sun, carefully please) and they are smell proof (I have not checked whether a dog can smell the herb, but I know I can not.) HG includes a couple extra items. I use the “humidity pack”. Room for this in the bottom of the jars, even under my grinder.

These jars are awesome, well designed, look great, and not one problem with using them.

Promised Review by Bart Koenes
  • Keeps Contents Fresh for Months with Humidity Pack
  • Discrete Jar and Box Design
  • Resealable Travel Bag Makes it Easy to Bring Your Goods Anywhere
  • A High Quality and Durable Glass Jar