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Storage Ideas For Small Spaces Bedroom

Storage Ideas For Small Spaces Bedroom
Storage Ideas For Small Spaces Bedroom

Rerii Cube Storage, Organizer Shelves 12 Cubes, Bedroom Storage, Closet Organizer, Standing Shelving Units for Living Room, Study Room, Office

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Storage Ideas For Small Spaces Bedroom is the best for all. I’m overall happy with this. I wasn’t expecting much because of reviews and the price, but it seems to be pretty great. It probably took about an hour to set up, and I had no real problems with assembly.

I know some people said they had problems with the hammer, but I didn’t even need to use it. I just pushed the pieces into each other. Another review said that the poles bent easily, which also wasn’t the case for me. I might just be a weak little girl, but I can’t imagine being able to bend it very easily.

One review had me really stressed out because it talked about how the fabric is so thin and how easily it breaks, and I had a stack of books I wanted to put on it. The fabric has two bars that goes underneath it to help support whatever you put on it. I have two cubes filled with books and there’s been no sagging or breaking.

A couple complaints I have is that because of the bars under the fabric, it can be hard to balance things on it, so it’s hard to “dress up” and i don’t think it’s very cute to begin with and there are literally no boxes on the market that fit the dimensions of the shelves. I found some that I THINK will look cute inside of it, but 3 of them cost as much as the unit so I’m holding off a little bit.

Overall, it’s pretty big, holds a lot and can take some weight. It’s not as attractive as it is on the listing, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. But for the price, it’s very functional and really helped me organize our tiny guest room/office/random stuff room. And hopefully I’ll post more pictures when I can get it to look cute.

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