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Steampunk Wall Clock

Steampunk Wall Clock
Steampunk Wall Clock

Kintrot 3D Brain Moving Gear Clock Industrial Steampunk Wooden Wall Clock Home Decor

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I love this Steampunk Wall Clock. It’s interesting and unique and keeps fairly good time.

My only problem is that if you’re standing more than 5 feet away from it, you can’t easily tell the time.

The color of the hands is very similar to the color of the background wood. My thought is to remove the hands and stain them a different color.

It comes nicely packaged in an attractive box that is appropriate for gift giving.

Lightweight. Minimal noise. Fantastic and unique clock. Keeps time and looks great

The moving gears really add a special touch to this piece and the price is great for the quality.

Promised Review By OBX
  • A great piece of art
  • Can be either wall clock or desk clock
  • The gear clock powered by 2 Type C batteries
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