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Star Wars Pet Costume

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Star Wars Pet Costume
Star Wars Pet Costume
$15.00 $21.99

Rubie's Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume

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My fiance and I are having a Star Wars Pet Costume and Lord of the Rings themed wedding. We wanted to include our little buddy in the wedding, so of course, he’ll need to be dressed appropriately While there don’t seem to be a lot of Hobbit or Gollum costumes for dogs, there sure are a lot of Star Wards doggie outfits. I bought 2 to try out- these Jedi robes, and the Ewok one.

The Ewok one definitely didn’t fit right, but these Jedi robes fit PERFECTLY on our little dog! It came with 3 pieces- the tunic, the robe, and the belt. All were very easy to put on the dog, and he seemed comfortable in it.

It will be winter time when he wears it- a dog might overheat if wearing this outfit during summertime or in warm weather, so be careful about that, the fabric is a little thick (but good quality).

I got the Medium size, following the guidelines for the chest and neck to tail measurements. Our dog is about 17 pounds.

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