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Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Best Buy

Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Best Buy
Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Best Buy

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I love the way Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Best Buy is packaged… it’s very presentable. The box makes for a decent storage for the communicator pin (though, I would use a bit of plastic between the foam and the item for long storage, as foam will decay after a few years) It comes with clear, and simple instructions, and a charging cable, as well as schematics for the device itself.

Now to get to the pin. Looking at the photos of it online, I was afraid it might be too thick, but I was delightfully surprised to find it is almost the EXACT dimensions of the actual prop! (holding it against a screen used prop, I cannot honestly tell any difference in size, or thickness) The quality is amazing. The sound quality is equally amazing. The “chirps” are accurate, and loud enough to be heard. The voice of a caller is the perfect volume, and according to my roommate (who I called) it sounds like I’m talking directly into the phone, and not all “tinny” like so many bluetooth devices tend to sound.

Promised Review By Warflight
  • A great gift for all Star Trek fans
  • Star Trek communicator, a bluetooth communicator
  • Built in microphone and speaker
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Long range connectivity
  • High quality, loud, clear and great sound
  • 1 year warranty
  • A licensed Product
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