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Stainless Steel Soap For Body Odor

Stainless Steel Soap For Body Odor
Stainless Steel Soap For Body Odor

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Nobody likes smelly hands from working in the kitchen. And I have a volunteer job that involves working with animals that eat mouse and quail. There is nothing like the smell of mouse on your hand when you’re trying to eat lunch. I originally got one of these as it is able to be used in a zoo facility since it is just steel and isn’t something involving harsh chemicals that could harm animals. It has been working very well. Once I had success there, I bought 3 or 4 more as gifts for people who cook a lot and often cook with garlic, onions, meats, etc.

Promised Review By CamilleElise
  • Rubbing the bar removes any odor from your hands
  • Great for use after working with onions, fish, or garlic
  • Simply rub between your hand as you would with a real bar of soap
  • Great stocking stuffer for avid cooks
  • Dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up
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