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Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Stainless Steel Sippy Cup
Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Munchkin Miracle Stainless Steel 360 Sippy Cup, Blue, 10 Ounce

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Stainless Steel Sippy Cup is very nice product. Bought this cup for our just-turned 1 year old. I liked how it was manufactured and the overall durability. Our baby took to it right away! At first, I pressed slightly on it with my finger to show her that liquid does come out when I put it to her mouth.

I must say she does have seven teeth and this may help some babies at first to learn to press on it, but lips do just fine, which is how she did it quickly after. My suggestion: show baby as you put some liquid inside and maybe dilute the juice a bit less to entice them to drink more once they get that first sip.

I’m really happy with this cup because thanks to it, we went from bottle to basically adult cups right away. I have also purchased a straw cup just now for diversification, but my baby has not yet mastered that skill. So, for now, this is more than enough! (In terms of spilling:

If it does fall on the floor or there is pressure on the rim of the cup, then the cup will spill. The cup is spill-proof to tilting and simply being knocked over. Not from intense manipulation or hard falls. That is good enough for me at least.)

Promised Review by D. Goldshteyn
  • Premium insulated, vacuum sealed stainless steel cup keeps drinks cool for 15 hours
  • Dentist recommended spotless 360 Degree degree drinking edge eliminates spills completely
  • Includes on the go cup lid
  • Cup automatically seals when a child stops drinking