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Sprayers For Paint

Sprayers For Paint
Sprayers For Paint

Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M363

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I am a professional painter who paints interiors and exteriors nearly every day. And I would estimate I have used this tool 85 to 90 days in the last 12 months. I have 6 Graco sprayers and it is the one that I use the most. It takes time to clean this sprayer but you must learn how to do this very well. I can clean this handheld sprayer in half the time it takes me to clean my Graco 490 or other stand type sprayers. My tip to you would be to keep the top cap on and run it under a Utility faucet with it upside down. The final two rinses should be with straight RV fluid and put the spray valve to spray and store it that way. You must take off the bleed valve from the container top with a rag or otherwise, you could break the bleed valve easily. Ask me how I know.

Promised Review By Brian mowers
  • Powered by DEWALT XR Lithium Ion System
  • Perfect Airless Finish at Any Speed
  • Triax Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect
  • Fully Repairable for Extended Life
  • Uses RAC X FFLP Spray Tips
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