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Spoon Fork Knife

$6.49 $8.57
Spoon Fork Knife
Spoon Fork Knife
$6.49 $8.57

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife) Tool 9909

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Spoon Fork Knife is awsome. It seems that everyone makes a spork nowadays. Plastic, titanium, zinc, aluminum, stainless. You name it, they’ve made it into a spork. Sporks have been around since the late 19th century. Now, even Ka-bar makes a spork.

Being a Former Marine and Ka-Bar fanboy I just had to have one or two. You never know when you need to hunker down and kill off a can of spam while hunting zombies to replenish your internal engine.

This spork is made from Grilamid FWA, a high-strength, technical polymer. It’s food safe and UV resistant. Apparently the plastic is made by the same company that makes Grivory plastics, which is common among knife manufacturers, especially Ka-Bar.

The spork is lightweight with a proper fit & finish. I detected no burrs or excessive mold marks. Removing the knife was easy provided you grab the spork towards both ends and not the middle. There was no wobble or excessive movement when the spork was in it’s closed position.

The knife does a decent job cutting beef, chicken, and spam. It’s a bit short to get any leverage when making long cuts in a steak as I had to place my index finger along the top spine of the blade. The blade is too narrow for spreading jams or butters, the spork end worked better.

The spork, itself, works adequately enough. The tines are short and somewhat dull. I found that sharpening them up with a bit of emery board worked wonders. The bowl of the spoon is small for liquid soups, but works well on stews and beans. Traditionally, sporks have never worked well on soups. Drinking soup from a can, canteen, or cup/mug always works the best.

Clean-up is easy. The plastic should handle temps up to 60°C. Safe for dishwashers, but the spork is light and might fly around.

All-in-all, this is a decent spork. It’s light and packs well. The plastic is very tough and should hold up better than a metal spork. Although the knife works, it’s best to use your EDC knife along side the spork. While there are many choices for sporks, this is one of the better ones. It’s all-inclusive in one small, lightweight package. Using the knife against zombies is just and added bonus.

Promised Review By Jeff
  • Super high dense polymer plastic.
  • Heavily serrated.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Pretty durable and worth every penny.
  • Sharp Knives
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