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Spinning Tops With String

Spinning Tops With String
Spinning Tops With String

GoodPlay 2PCS Wooden Spinning Top Gyroscope peg-top with Handle and Pull String Wire,can Last Long time, Color Random

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Spinning Tops With String is very nice product. These are a hit with the kids, 2 & 5 years old. One of them (the tops, that is) will spin smoothly for up to 4 minutes. The other one, the tack on the point is off center, so it rattles “angry” for a couple of minutes.

The variety is interesting for the kids, but it does mean that one of them is poorly assembled, thus only 4 stars. Also, the angry one has some splinters on the spindle. The pull cords are good, although the 2 year old figured out how to un-thread the pull button, so it would then be a choking hazard.

I might have to glue it or tie another knot below the button.

Promised Review by Dr Davy
  • Made of wood, with rounded edges,natural and safe
  • Bright color will add lot of fun in this toy. Color
  • Weight is about 95g. Size