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Spinning Makeup Organizer

Spinning Makeup Organizer
Spinning Makeup Organizer

sanipoe 360 Spinning Makeup Organizer, Lazy Susan Rack Cosmetic Carousel Storage Shelf, Great for Countertop and Bathroom, Clear

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What a simple Spinning Makeup Organizer, yet genius way to store and organize beauty products! I had realized my skincare was beginning to take over the bathroom, one new bottle at a time I put them in a basket to try and control the mess, that just meant I was digging through a pile of bottles twice a day- dropping them and frustrating myself before coffee and bedtime, is just dangerous. Looking for a better option,

I thought this “spinner” looked a bit too good to be true”, but I was getting desperate…. and I’m so glad I just broke down and ordered the darn thing! My ENTIRE mess, ALL the bottles and tubes and jars fit in this wonderful wheel- with room to spare!

I couldn’t believe it. It’s really simple when you think about it, all the little shelves simply make more surface area= meaning more storage space, genius! It was super easy to put together, and to rearrange if I ever need to. I suggest starting by placing your tallest items on the bottom of one side, and inserting the shelf over them to fit. Once you accommodate those items, you’ll have plenty room on the other sides to fit smaller bottles onto more shelves.

As you can see, it fits different shapes and sizes, and each item is so easy to find and use! The only problem I can possibly foresee is that because so many items fit on one little wheel, they are very heavy. To be sure it doesn’t break, I’m careful to support the bottom if I have to move it.

That’s the only downside and that’s okay by me! I can see this working in a kitchen, cabinets, desks, art room, kids storage etc. It’s worked so well for my skin care I’ll be adding more to my makeup area. Happy organizing!:)

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  • Multi-Function rotating makeup holder organizer
  • 20 skincare products and other accessories including
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