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Sonic Key Finding Device

Sonic Key Finding Device
Sonic Key Finding Device

Key Finder Remote Locator Make-Noise: 85dB RF Item-Tracker with 135ft Working Range in Open Space| Wireless Wallet-Tracker with 4 Receivers| 1 Transmitter with Led Flashlight

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Sonic Key Finding Device is very nice product. If you’ve ever been running late for an appointment, get ready to run out the door when you realize oh crap! Where are my keys??? Especially if you have young children that love to play with keys without your knowledge! The actual reason for this purchase was just that! Three adults running amok looking for keys everywhere! Nothing. Have to have new keys made to the tune of over $100+. Went through all that chaos and stress AND money, then one warm day we decide to take our 81’ Jeep CJ out for a little exploring. Well, when we started to get in it the first thing I saw was the telltale key ring that we had searched and searched for!

Come to find out our 3 year old granddaughter had snagged her mother’s keys to her Malibu and apparently also tried to take the Jeep out exploring! Because the Malibu keys were actually IN THE IGNITION!

So yeah, these little fobs that attach to whatever you want to keep track are the BEST! We have already used them countless times! We put one on my husbands cell phone that apparently sprouts legs and moves itself. (According to him) We keep the remote in a central location so we all know where it is when we need it the most!

They are small, light and make plenty of sound to lure you to your missing object. For the price and the convenience one of my best most used purchases ever!

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  • 𝐄verything 𝐅inder 𝐓racker
  • 𝐊ey 𝐅inder 𝐒ounds and 𝐋ed Flashlight
  • 𝐄asy and 𝐐uick to 𝐅ind 𝐏et 𝐊ey 𝐅inder
  • 𝐁est 𝐆ifts 𝐒hare 𝐘our 𝐋ove