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SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack

$42.99 $49.75
SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack
SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack
$42.99 $49.75

SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack 50 Pairs Non-woven Fabric Shoe Tower Organizer Cabinet 39.4 x 11.1 x 68.9 Inches Black ULSH11H

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For the price of the SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack this thing is AWESOME. I have bought a lot of different shoe racks for my wife. I like this one because it is VERY sturdy and durable and holds a lot of shoes. And it may or may not hold 50 pairs of shoes depending on what the shoes are.

The rows where my big dress shoes go hold less pairs (4 Pairs total on the row) than where my wife’s tennis, heels, and flip flops (5 pairs total) go. Sure it could probably be a bit sturdier as almost any cheaper product could but that is what keeps the price down. And the only way to make the shelf stronger would be to use wood or metal.

The only problem would be in relation to women that buy this.

If you buy this for the new PLATFORM HEELS that so many wear now, you may be in for disappointment. Many of them will not fit onto the shelves depending on how high high the heel is and how high the platform are as well……each shoe varies so I cant simply say 4″ platform shoes wont fit.

To help you out I measured the entry height for each shelf and it is 6 inches high. So if you measure the entire back of your shoe and its more than 6″ in height then your shoe will not fit in the entryway. However, you have 2 options.

If you only have 5 pairs then put them on the top shelf where you can put any size shoe to include boots. The other option is to do what I did but only on the top 2 shelves (not including the very top shelf which has no top to it).

The pole that connects each shelf together goes into the connector piece at the top and the bottom of each shelf and it goes in pretty deeply. So I simply put it in the top and bottom connector but not the whole way and hence my top 2 shelves have entry clearance heights of 7 inches instead of the normal 6. So in essence for example the top connector I put in half and inch less and the bottom one put in half an inch less so I gained one inch in additional clearance for that shelf. The shelf is still secure and does not wobble at all. And I only did it on the top 2 shelves because of Engineering.

You never make the bottom section weak because then the whole structure collapse if there is a collapse. And the bottom needs more strength because it supports the whole weight of everything you put on it. But the top 2 layers have less weight overall to support and hence need less strength. But if you use the top 2 shelves and the final top shelf simply to put platform heels than you can fit 15 pairs of them. I would not advise making more shelves higher though to fit platform shoes. Platform heels can weigh quite a lot more than normal shoes because of that solid platform.

I uploaded pics that show what I did to make it fit platform shoes and how you dont insert each leg fully. if you look at the pics you can see how the legs are not inserted all the way (when inserted all the way you can see the metal legs from the top and bottom almost touching one another).

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  • Strengthened Metal Pipes
  • Non-woven Fabrics Tiers
  • Plastic Connectors
  • High-quality PP connectors
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