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Solar Powered Fountain Water Pump

Solar Powered Fountain Water Pump
Solar Powered Fountain Water Pump

RIOFLY Solar Fountain - 1.4W Upgraded Solar Fountain Water Pump, Free Standing Floating Solar Powered Fountain Pump with 10 Nozzles, 4 Fixer, for Bird Bath, Pond, Pool, Outdoor, Garden

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Solar Powered Fountain Water Pump is very nice product. I wanted to add a solar fountain to a bucket to add a little something to my “garden” for my town house. I wanted one that would charge a battery and work even when it wasn’t sunny. But I didn’t want to invest a lot in case a neighbor stole it. I read the reviews of this one and new it wouldn’t work without direct sunlight and decided for the price I was okay with it.

When it arrived I was to excited to wait for sun (my “garden” is shaded the first half of the day) but I set it up anyway. The sun came and it still wasn’t working. I was concerned but then I flipped it upside down and wiggled the pieces on the bottom and I heard it kick on. I placed it in the water and after a few seconds I had a nice stream going. Some clouds came through and it went down but I was still happy with the amount of water coming out. My fountain is in a pretty big bucket and the plastic pieces keep it in the middle which is nice.

I do get a bit that splashes over the sides when the wind hits but I don’t mind that. I just add a little water back in each day. It’s important to know before buying this that it needs direct sunlight if it’s in the shade or there is clouds your not gonna have a good spray. But for the price this is a great little fountain.

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