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Softest Blanket

Softest Blanket
Softest Blanket

GRACED SOFT LUXURIES Oversized Softest Warm Elegant Cozy Faux Fur Home Throw Blanket 60" x 80", Marbled Gray

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Softest Blanket review is really the one you are wanting to hear. I am a Dad with a 14yr old and a 5 yr old girls. My sister had given me a large blanket from that well advertised brand, Minky. It’s very nice and as can be expected they we occasionally fighting over it on my weekends with them. I decided to buy another. So I check Amazon and find this blanket. Its rated well and Amazon’s choices etc. I liked the look of the pattern they use and thought i would give it a try. Also enjoy the coupons when available. So I ordered it and shows up at my restaurant, that’s where i have things shipped to sometimes. I open it and feel it quickly and it feels nice. The girls ride around in the truck while using it and clearly they are liking it. When we get home i have them do a blind snuggle test with each blanket. The results were: There were slight differences between the two but both were very nice. In other words, I believe almost anyone would be happy with either blanket. However, in my opinion there was a slightly softer feel to the Graced blanket that we seemed to prefer. The MC had a slightly different thickness or density feel to it. The weight of the 2 large blankets were similar with a slight edge to the MC for weight, but as I stated both blankets felt heavy. The bottom line is that the Graced is a less expensive option especially with the automatic coupon. The snuggle factor winner was a near tie and for me a slight edge to the Graced. The winner in the name category is clearly the other brand because Graced doesnt really do much for any of us. Not sure if mc has the pattern like the graced, ours mc is plain dark brown. I prefer the look of the pattern. We have that beige Graced in oversized. So, we will need a 3rd blanket for our weekend video parties and likely we will be purchasing another Graced. Only thing Is whether or not they will offer any additional colors. If not we will get a gray oversized for now and maybe pickup a color a young girl might prefer later if the start to offer those. Great product would recommend.

Promised Review By David Wyson
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