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Snack Pack Pudding

Snack Pack Pudding
Snack Pack Pudding

Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding Cups, 3.25 Ounce (Pack of 48)

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Snack Pack Pudding OS very nice product. Snack Pack Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding offers a delicious snack for anyone who loves chocolate pudding. It’s comes in a perfect size for a quick grab if on the run or if you’re looking for a pleasant snack at home.

It’s also a great snack to put in your lunch. Being sugar-free is an added benefit & you’d never know no sugar exists. Each cup is 70 calories.

The cup is a perfect size to enjoy the rich chocolate flavor. It’s offered in a 12 pack of 4 cups (0.95 l), which for the price is an unbeatable buy. Each package is easy to unload & put in the refrigerator or cupboard. It’s a pleasant supply to stock up on that will last a good period of time. I highly recommend!

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  • Share the desserts you loved while growing up with your own kids today with Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding Cups
  • Snack Pack’s Vanilla Pudding dessert is the sweet and creamy classic everyone loves
  • Vanilla Snack Pack Pudding Cups are gluten-free and Kosher, and are made with real milk so you can enjoy a smooth, creamy treat
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