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Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss

Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss
Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss

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This is an impressive smoothie book! I love that the author is immediately honest. She neither exagerrates nor underestimates the value of superfoods. She is also budget conscious and super no nonsense in a very refreshing way. I especially love that the recipes all seem to have plant based options from what I can tell. She outlines smart trouble shooting tips too. For example, how to repair a smoothie that tastes “too green” or one that has turned out “too stringy.” The section on amount guidelines is extremely helpful in avoiding a nasty recipe for an upset stomach and to avoid wasting ingredients by using more than our bodies are able to absorb at one time. The dirty dozen and clean 15 lists in the back are also very helpful. Too much goodness to mention here. You will not regret purchasing this one! Unless maybe you make the chocolate cauliflower milkshake. This combo is the only thing I could find that is unappealing to me personally.

Promised Review By Rebecca
  • Now be the best smoothies maker with this book and start making healthy smoothies for everyone
  • The book holds 150 recipes divided under the sub categorizes of super-food such as berries, avocados, yogurt, and cinnamon, each including 15 recipes
  • Each smoothie is listed with its health benefits related to weight loss, protein and else
  • Start making your own smoothies with easy and affordable recipes
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