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Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

$70 $80
Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
$70 $80

POWERUP 4.0 The Next-Generation Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit, RC Controlled. Easy to Fly with Autopilot & Gyro Stabilizer. Ideal as Father's Day Gift. STEM Ready with DIY Modular Kit

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Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane is a very nice product. Overall, I LOVED this plane, and I’m exited to get another!

Ordered this for Christmas, I flew it once, though it was hard to master. On the second day, I tried another plane design, perfectly folded, and it flew a little and then suddenly went into a spin straight at the ground. This happened over and over, so I modified the plane. It still nosedived.

I replaced the propeller that broke and then, when I tried to fly it again, the new prop didn’t work right. So then i replaced the other prop, and it didn’t fly. I gave it full throttle and tossed it repeatedly, but it just went down, unpowered.

Tip if you’re going to get this: the Wide Glider design found on YouTube and the app is my favorite design, as it is easy to use for beginners.

Overall, this is the best invention I have ever encountered, and I cannot wait to get my free replacement to get flying once more!

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