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Smart Robot Toy

Smart Robot Toy
Smart Robot Toy

MiP Arcade - Interactive Self-Balancing Robot - Play App-Enabled or Screenless Games with RC, Dancing & Multiplayer Modes

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Smart Robot Toy is a very nice product. Perfect toy companion for my son who loves robots, Legos and tech stuff.

We took the MIP robot on a road trip, and it was a blast playing with MIP in the hotel with my son. (much better than having everyone stare at their own screen). Since we can’t go to Chuck E Cheese to play the Pop-A-Shot basketball game, it’s pretty cool that you can play this with MIP. Having been a previous owner of MIP, this newest version fixes all the previous flaws (i.e., robot is pretty stable and difficult to tip over).

The iOS pp was easy to install and worked right away. Best to use an iPad and make sure Bluetooth is on, but connection with iPad and MIP was super easy & simple. The MIP also has some brain games, including a “SIMON” like Mattel memory game which brings back childhood memories. There were so many other apps and games, but didn’t have a chance to try them out.

Will save them for a future road trip or occasion, as we want him to enjoy his companion for a long time!

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  • The All-New, Award-Winning Self-Balancing Interactive Robot: Packed With Fun & Games, Personality And Cool Dance Moves
  • 20+ App-Enabled Games And Rc Modes, Plus Bonus Screenless Games
  • Challenge Friends & Family With Multiplayer Arcade Games Like Basketball Versus
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