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Smart Keyboard For Ipad 7th Generation

$143.99 $159.00
Smart Keyboard For Ipad 7th Generation
Smart Keyboard For Ipad 7th Generation
$143.99 $159.00

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Been using Smart Keyboard For Ipad 7th Generation for a week, will update the review with durability and longevity comments after more time has passed…

Felt like nobody mentions some things that are worth knowing… There are magnets in places that make this thing more functional than they tell you. You can wrap the cover to the backside of the iPad and use it as you would normally, and magnets will hold it in place. When you use it as a stand, you can use it like a tilted drawing pad. Magnets will hold it in this position so it’s actually fairly secure. If you’re opening it or changing the configuration, magnets hold the keyboard in, so you can treat it exactly like a regular smart cover without the keyboard annoyingly flopping out. And finally, you don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing keyboard buttons when it’s in any position other than “laptop mode.” The magnets let it know and the keyboard won’t function unless it’s specifically in this mode. Would have bought it sooner had I known, instead of just taking a chance.

UPDATE: Months later, it still works 100% with daily use and abuse.

Promised Review By Jim B
  • Be comfortable while typing on iPad
  • Do anywhere the professional work using this keyboard and your iPad
  • Unfold to use
  • Fold to create a durable and lightweight cover when you don’t
  • No need for batteries
  • Automatic pairing
  • Comfortable and easy in use