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Smart Bone For Dogs

Smart Bone For Dogs
Smart Bone For Dogs

SmartBones Twist Sticks, Treat Your Dog to a Rawhide-Free Chew Made with Real Chicken and Vegetables

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Smart Bone For Dogs is very nice product. I rarely review products but not only am I writing this, I made a special effort to do this.

I got a kitten recently and because she is a baby she still has baby teeth. I hunted EVERYWHERE (online and brick & mortar stores) for something she could gnaw on to help her with this. I found a couple things for cats but she wasn’t impressed and I didn’t want to give her silvervine because I don’t want bits of chewed up wood all over the house (especially in my bed).

Then I discovered these. There is no rawhide so I don’t have to worry about it expanding in her stomach. She loves the chicken flavor. They are not too big for her. She doesn’t really chew them up so they last a really long time but when she does chew part of it there aren’t crumbs all over the place. She really loves these, she will chase them if you throw one, she throws it in the air and I can tell she gets some relief from biting them, with her back teeth especially.

When I got these I knew my sister could give them to her dogs so they wouldn’t be wasted but kitty loves them. I can’t figure out why there is not a better market for cat teething items but I am really glad I found these.

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