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Small Dog Nail Clippers

$8.16 $11.49
Small Dog Nail Clippers
Small Dog Nail Clippers
$8.16 $11.49

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer for Dogs (Small/Medium), Dog Nail Clippers, Dog Grooming Tools, Pet Nail Clippers, Pet Supplies for Dogs, Dog Gifts, Dog Accessories, Dog Supplies

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Small Dog Nail Clippers WOW: My poor old spaniel is getting up there in years. Blind as a bat, going deaf, and his hips are giving out. All he has left is his appetite and tummy rubs. Taking him to the groomer is stressful for him–and sheer anguish for me. I can’t shave his fur in the summer, but I can spare him the visits just for nail trimming…now that I’ve discovered the Safari Professional Pet Nail Trimmer.

The clippers are surprisingly easy to use, the cut is clean and precise, and you don’t need tremendous pressure to cut straight through. I was afraid of hitting the dreaded quick and making my little guy bleed, but a quick check on Google for nail cutting tips (and simple but excellent instructions on the packaging of these clippers) made that a non-problem too. Just look at the underside of the dog’s nail. Even on blackest nails, you can see the pinker or lighter part of the nail, which is the quick. Place the clippers a bit above that (in the direction away from the foot pad) and you’re fine. My first time clipping Stanley nails was a cinch. And believe me, this dog has feet the size of saucers and nails to match. Thick as pinky fingers.

I waited until Stanley was sleeping (he has never been a dog with lightening like reflexes…even as a youngster, people meeting him for the first time always thought he was dead, took a paw, checked to see where the “quick” ended and ‘snip’ — that fast, that simple. About halfway through the pedicure he woke up, but not sensing any food in the immediate area, dozed back off again so I could complete the job.

My niece has a little poodle who is also pushing the envelope in terms of age. However, her dog doesn’t have my Stanley’s sweet disposition and is on the No Fly List at most of the groomers in town. She asked me if I’d do the dog’s nails for her. I guess she figured I’m older and have less to live for. Anyway, we got a big pile of treats ready. My niece kept tossing them into the dog’s mouth, distracting her, while I went to work on the nails. This is the same trick my manicurist uses with me and it worked equally well with the dog.

If you’ve been considering trimming your dog’s nails yourself, these are a very good tool. Dogs’nails grow very quickly; they need frequent trimming. The nails are connected to the leg bones and when they get too long, can jar the animal and make walking uncomfortable–particular in dogs with hip problems and/or arthritis and other joint issues. These affordable clippers cost about what a single nail clipping does at the groomers, so it’s money well spent.

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  • For nail trimming and maintenance
  • Safety stop prevents injury
  • Stainless steel
  • Comfort grip handle for ease of use
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