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Slingshots For Hunting

Slingshots For Hunting
Slingshots For Hunting

Daisy P51 Slingshot

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Slingshots For Hunting is very nice product. Overall this is an excellent slingshot, especially for beginners. You can literally extract this from the packaging and start shooting accurately without any assembly or modifications other than fitting it to your arm.

I had to go fully extended because I have a long draw. After fitting it to my specifications I took 12 shots, 6 left handed and 6 right handed. I hit the targets every single shot. Very nice!!!

The ONLY issue I have with this particular design is that it is not comfortable on the arm. This problem is easily remedied by simply bending it up by small increments and testing it until its comfortable on your arm.

EASY SOLUTION, remember, Small Increments, you don’t want to bend it too much or you’ll lose the support and your hand will start shaking.

One nice thing about the Adjustment screws is that you can attach a Whisker Biscuit and fashion a nock loop within the pouch or remove the nock and replace it with a golf tee. Then you can call it a SlingBow and launch arrows.

Promised Review by St1cky
  • Shoots 1/4″ or 3/8″ steel and 1/2″ glass shot
  • Black solid steel frame with extra-wide forks
  • Durable, surgical-grade tubing
  • Molded Pistol-grip handle
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