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Slant Board For Writing

Slant Board For Writing
Slant Board For Writing

The Original BUDDHA BOARD:Relaxing Water Painting with Bamboo Brush & Stand, Mindfulness & Meditation Practice, Environmentally Friendly.Zen Concept Live in The Moment. Master The Art of letting go.

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We got this Slant Board For Writing for our family to begin a more intentional practice of daily gratitude. The combination of some gratitude/happiness oriented TED talks and books had led us to thinking that we needed to be actively fostering gratitude in our household.

We had seen a display Buddha Board in a shop that our 7yo daughter loved to “play” with and thought it would be a great physical reminder and tool for the purpose. After we got it set up (very simple instructions), we began committing to each writing what we were grateful for each day – or as often inspiration strikes.

This is somewhat different than how other users have engaged with a Buddha Board to write down their worries. The plan was simple enough for all ages of our house to follow and the board itself is attractive enough to have in our family area without detracting from our decor. It’s been a joy to see what we all write and how this has become a daily habit.

As an added bonus, our daughter, who has struggled with handwriting, has enjoyed some improvements in hand-eye coordination from using it! It takes a lot of concentration to control the brush and its helped her pen-and-paper writing. I commented about this to a friend who happens to be an occupational therapist who confirmed it was a great tool for that purpose! We have really enjoyed using this and haven’t gotten tired of it after several months of daily use.

The instructions on upkeep were very clear and not fussy. We remind our daughter not to over-wet the entire board but otherwise, its completely intuitive to maintain. A great tool for creating a more intentional family life.

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