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Skull Ice Cube Colds

Skull Ice Cube Colds
Skull Ice Cube Colds

3D Skull Ice Mold Tray, Super Flexible High Grade Silicone Ice Cube Molds for Whiskey, Cocktails, Beverages, Iced Tea & Coffee (Skull)

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Skull Ice Cube Colds is very nice product. They are a bit smaller (as listed) but fantastic and easy to produce many quickly without hassle. Unfortunately, humans are stupid and instead of following the directions that come with it, people are trying to fill them through the ventilation holes. Don’t do that. If you just do what it says, and fill the bottom tray about 1/3-1/2 way full, then push the top tray down over it, you will get almost perfect little skulls.

The secret is finding the perfect spot to fill the bottom tray to. They should put a line, but anyone can figure it out fast. IMPORTANT: do not waste time double boiling water, lol. This is a myth. distilled water does nothing. Cloudy ice is from trapped air via fast freezing.

The only way to get clear ice is called “directional freezing” (AJ a Clinebell machine or using an open igloo cooler). Slow directional freezing pushes the trapped air in water to one end of the freezing ice, which you saw or cut off. You are not going to get clear skulls like the photo, no matter what you do, unless you use directional freezing and/or slow freezing or both.

Promised Review by T. Gerald
  • Premium quality
  • Permanent home bar item
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Perfect for the whiskey drinkers