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Sight Word Games

$12.99 $29.99
Sight Word Games
Sight Word Games
$12.99 $29.99

SpringFlower Sight Word Game, Swat a Sight Word Educational Toy for Age of 3,4,5,6 Year Old Kids, Boys & Girls,Homeschool ,Visual, Tactile and Auditory Learning, 120 Pieces

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Sight Word Games so good.I’ve got a child with some learning delays and that really struggles with language/reading. I’ve been looking for some fun games and activities we can do to help her since flash cards just don’t hold her attention and work for her. I was really excited to try this game out and all 4 of my kids (ages 6, 6, 4 and 2) saw it and wanted to play.

It was fun and easy to adapt for all of them. I used the harder level words for one of my older kiddos, the easier levels for the middle two, and for my 2 year old, we just had her smack certain color flies that we’d call out with the fly swatter.

I think there could be a lot of adaptations you could do to help keep this fun and interesting and age appropriate for different ages and skill levels. We’re really excited to just this more! My only (very minor) complaint is that I wish it came with a box instead of a bag to store it in so it was easier to store with our other games. But aside from that I love everything about it!

Promised Review By Chase Kim Scott
  • It’s a game and not “work”
  • The element of speed promotes confidence and fluency in reading
  • Plenty of great value products
  • Color-Coded Flies
  • Premium quality and service-Made with durable 100%