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Shed Kits Home Depot

Shed Kits Home Depot
Shed Kits Home Depot

2x4basics 90190MI Custom Shed Kit with Barn Roof

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Shed Kits Home Depot is very nice product. I started this shed one year ago, I bought 2 kits, the brackets seem really flimsy until you start putting it together, then things start to tighten up, the reason why it took so long was that I was using 90% recycled material from work, the 2×4 material took the longest to collect, every other one was warped, I followed the instructions for the most part, I put in blocking half way up the walls for added support, I also wanted more headroom inside so I cut wood gussets to attached to the trusses, I made the trusses first because I wanted them to all be exactly the same and when placing the two by four walls level them and brace them and leave the braces on until you have all walls sided, getting the trusses up on the 2×4 walls was a challenge by myself but I figured it out, over all the shed came out perfect. I posted many pictures.

Update, DO NOT build the floor the way it says on the ground, use pressure treated and elevate it with piers or blocks, my sub floor rotted after three years, it has to be vented!!!!!!

Update: so after learning what not to use on the subfloor, I jacked up the shed, removed the rotted floor, installed pressure treated 4×6 perimeter with 4×4 pressure treated, 16″ on center, screwed and glued down 3/4 ” plywood, and sealed the plywood with primer sealer. I used blocks to elevate it 2″ off the ground.

Promised Review by Gary E. McKiney
  • Lumber not included with each kit
  • Customizable shed kit with barn roof
  • Includes .22 gauge galvanized steel brackets, design plans and installation instructions
  • One kit builds a shed up to 10 feet, combine kits for a shed up to 22 feet