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Sesame Street Playskool

$13.81 $19.99
Sesame Street Playskool
Sesame Street Playskool
$13.81 $19.99

Playskool Sesame Street Singing ABC’s Elmo

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Sesame Street Playskoo is the best product .My grandson 1yr old…either loves Mickey Mouse or does not..

when we turn on tv to Disney Channel for Mickey n there’s a scene where u can’t see Mickey but he comes in running like over a hill towards you my grandson turns around cracking n runs towards us.. as if Mickey was chasing him…

we didn’t know how if he was afraid of Mickey or not.. I seen this dancing Mickey here on Amazon… n I ordered… Now we will see what happens when Mickey is now actually front of him… As Mickey starts dancing… freezing… ears lighting up…. my grandsons stare n smile was the cutest ever!!

Now when Mickey stops dancing n spinning around (freeze play) my grandson smacks Mickey on shoulders as to say “keep spinning! “ We all lol so hard! So he is not afraid of Mickey at all!!

He loved Dancing Mickey!! Thank you Amazon.. now I have a friend who loves loves everything Mickey I was about to reorder one..until I seen how much higher ?? they up’d the price from what I paid!! ? So on hold until price goes back to original or on sale..

Promised Review By Daisy Padilla
  • Press Elmo’s tummy for fun phrases or to hear him sing the alphabet song
  • Toy says phrases in either English or Spanish, depending on language mode selected
  • Cuddly Elmo toy is a fun way to introduce letters to your child.