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Self Cleaning Fish Tank

Self Cleaning Fish Tank
Self Cleaning Fish Tank

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My fish love this Self Cleaning Fish Tank. I purchased more bacteria when I ran out on amazon to go with. Icould go 6 weeks between cleanings. My water never got murky at 6 weeks, I could just see fuzzy stuff on the poops at the bottom of the tank. I did do a full tank cleaning if with 100% water change and a thorough washing and rinsing of the rocks at the bottom to get out all gunk. I would add water ever 2 weeks or so.

Pros: nice design. Wheatgrass grows very well in this. Other things not so much.

Cons: the pumice-like grow rocks on top are hard to clean. To get out decomposing seeds that don’t sprout I have to soak and pick the clean rocks out by hand ever 6 weeks or else mold will grow a lot. A heater is best if using for a betta and the spacing is okay but not great when my heater and water pump are both in.

My betta did not like the way the water from the pump made a waterfall so the surface was always moving. I was able to take some plastic drape it under the sponge to the water surface which cut the surface disruption a lot.

Promised Review By Aislinn Macintosh
  • Get your own ecosystem
  • A self cleaning fish tank
  • The fish waste becoming fertilizer and plant cleaning the water
  • A scaled-down hydroponics system
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  • The package include everything to get started
  • Harvest and cultivate your own ecosystem
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