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Self Adhesive Cable Clips

Self Adhesive Cable Clips
Self Adhesive Cable Clips

OHill Cable Clips, 16 Pack Black Cord Organizer Cable Management for Organizing Cable Cords Home and Office, Self Adhesive Cord Holders

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I saw Self Adhesive Cable Clips on a YouTube video about how well they work and how well they make your desk look. I bought the pack of them figuring I would use one or two.

But I used them all except for one. What a difference it made instead of having wires all over the place!! Check out the pictures and you can hardly see any wires at all on my desk.Please ignore the wires on the walls,I am in the process of hiding all of them as well.

They are made out of soft rubber that will last for years.Some things made of rubber have a bad smell These smell like Steak!! lol just kidding they have no smell at all, the adhesive is fantastic!!! I used rubbing alcohol to clean the spot where I was going to stick it too.

one of those rubber clips has the weight of a extension cord pulling on it and it has not pulled off the clip yet and its been roughly 5 days now.But on the other hand you can take these off without hurting the furniture.

I decided to take a clip off and figured i probably couldn’t reuse it. It took some force to remove but it came off and I was able to use it in another spot. These things are GREAT!! I should of gotten them years ago!!

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  • Keep Your Desk Organised:
  • Multipurpose
  • Sturdy Sticky Pad
  • Easy Use
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