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Scrubber For Cast Iron

Scrubber For Cast Iron
Scrubber For Cast Iron

B&L The Original Cast Iron Scrubber & Cleaner Chainmail Scrubber with Silicone Insert Life Time Warranty

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Scrubber For Cast Iron is very nice product. I learned to cook on gas stove with cast iron when gas stoves didn’t have automatic igniters-you had to use a match.

My mom hated gas and cast iron so most of my adult life I had electric and Teflon pans. But recently I got a huge deal on a used gas stove. I love it. I love it more using cast Iron. I wish I had saved grandmas pans, but we didn’t.

I am teaching my husband about cast iron and it’s care. This scrubber is the best idea and I absolutely love it. When the pan has cooled down-i add salt to the pan and use this scrubber. It gets everything off. Add a little water to rinse after wiping out the grungy salt.

Place back on the stove-Unless you need a little soapy water to get sticky grunge out. Place the pan on the stove to evaporate the water until it is gone. The. slather on a thin coat of oil and leave on burner for 20-30 mins to maintain that seasoning.

This scrubber is the best! Almost no effort in keeping the pans clean. The silicone insert is genius. Better design that the flat chain scrubbers that require your fingers to manuver. Finger saver!

I highly recommend this silicone insert chain scrubber for your cast iron pan cleaning needs. I want to get another for my vacation property so I can start a cast iron collect in that home too!!

Promised Review by B Whitika
  • Two piece design for easy cleaning
  • Can Be used with a sponge
  • Designed flexible to reduce hand fatigue