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Scratch Off World Map Poster

Scratch Off World Map Poster
Scratch Off World Map Poster

Scratch Off World Map Poster – Deluxe Travel Map, World Map Scratch Off with US States and Country Flags, Tracks Where You Have Been, Full Accessories Set, Perfect Gift for Travelers, by Earthabitats

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Scratch Off World Map Poster is very nice product. spent quite a long time figuring out which map to purchase since there are SO many available on Amazon. I noticed while researching these maps, several of the other sellers have fake reviews. They’ve got 10 reviews at a time all written on the same day & clearly by the same person.. That’s a big turn off… No thank you.

I liked the colors of this map and that the US has the states labeled so I can track where I’ve been in my own country. The map is a good size — not gigantic but large enough to see lots of detail. I’ve been to 24 countries & seeing it all highlighted in this way & displayed on my wall is awesome. It is inspiring also because I feel like I’ve hardly been anywhere in the grand scheme of how large earth is!

The scratcher tool (guitar pick!) and eraser to get the debris off the map were incredibly helpful & made scratching very easy. I was so afraid to over-scratch the map, but it seems very thick and durable. The magnifier was VERY helpful to see some of the smaller countries, and I love the carrying pouch the tools come in. I will be able to keep the tools together for future travel scratching. I purchased a frame at Michael’s (the map is 17×24 but I could only find an 18×24 — left the information paper in the frame and it looks fine with that half inch border on top & bottom) for only $16 with coupon & plan on hanging this in our living room.

I’m very pleased with my purchase! If I had a SLIGHT peeve, I wish a few of the countries were different colors than they are. The UK is tan when you scratch it, which looks very similar to the gold unscratched color. The Maldives is a dark purple when you scratch, and it blends in to the abyss of the ocean… Not really a big deal, but I’m weird like that.

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