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Scooter Boards With Handles

$103 $109
Scooter Boards With Handles
Scooter Boards With Handles
$103 $109

Champion Sports Scooter Board with Handles, Set of 6, Wide 12 x 12 Base - Multi-Colored, Fun Sports Scooters with Non-Marring Plastic Casters for Children - Premium Kids Outdoor Activities and Toys

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Scooter Boards With Handles is very nice product. My son wanted a scooter birthday party, so I got these instead of doing party bags. They are great quality and were a huge hit at the party. The kids ranged from 4 to 8 yrs old, and they all loved these.

Obviously there’s some common sense to be employed here, like no standing on the scooters or smashing into each other, but once I laid down the rules we had no problems! I like the wheels on the scooters as I have a raised laminate floor, made to look like real wood that has texture, so it’s got ridges. These scooters did not scratch the floor at all.

The wheels seem hard but like I said, not a scratch on the floor! I let each kid take one home, and my son was left with 2. He’s the 8 yr old, and he scoots around the house on these things constantly. A great purchase!

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