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Scheduling Wheel Chart

Scheduling Wheel Chart
Scheduling Wheel Chart

Scheduling Wheel Chart Calendar

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Scheduling Wheel Chart is a good product. Since more patients are being seen via telehealth, my wife consistently is. trying to schedule lab work, follow-up appointments, or injections for patients since there is no front desk. When she first started practicing in the ’90s. She had a similar tool to calculate pregnancy and delivery dates, so she is familiar with the concept. Now she can set the wheel to today’s date in the morning, and throughout the day, she can calculate any follow-up period she needs. It has saved constantly counting weeks on the desk calendar,

The wheel is well constructed with a heavy cover stock to cardboard paper and the visibility is good even for those of us who wear readers or bifocals.

Promised Review By Mike
  • The calendar provides one setting for a great scheduling
  • Front – Date (Month, No. of Weeks, No. of Days)
  • Back – Perpetual Calendar (Month, the Year 2014 – 2034)
  • Size: 6″ /ISBN No. 9781622709847/1622709845
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