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Salt Lamp Night Light

$13.99 $14.42
Salt Lamp Night Light
Salt Lamp Night Light
$13.99 $14.42

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When purchased this Salt Lamp Night Light with low expectations of any kind of health benefits. The price point is low enough to be worth the risk and it is good looking decoration. You can say that I have been blown away by the performance of this lamp. Turn it on when I sleep on a dim setting and have noticed that when I wake up, I have less “eye boogers” and can breathe better through my nose. Assume this is due to the dust, pollen, general particulate attracting characteristic of the salt lamp. I have used all sorts of diffusers and oils, nose filters, etc and this lamp has given me better results than all of them. Considering I live in the land of pollen (Florida), this lamp is invaluable. I like it so much I bought another after a week of using it!

Promised Review By BJ L
  • Create a beautiful and peaceful environment with the special Himalayan made Salt lamp from Pakistan
  • A piece of art professionally craft and designed to give it a unique look
  • Comes with a 100% Neem wooden base
  • Health benefits; the salt lamp works as an anti-bacterial making the air clean and helping people with breathing problems
  • Comes with a durable pre-install bulb
  • A perfect gift for all relatives and friends