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Safest Food Storage Containers

$25.48 $29.99
Safest Food Storage Containers
Safest Food Storage Containers
$25.48 $29.99

Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers 12 Pieces 1.5qt / 1.6L- Plastic PBA Free Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers for Sugar, Flour and Baking Supplies - Dishwasher Safe - Include 24 Labels, Blue

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Safest Food Storage Containers are the best product. I don’t understand why people who never bought this product answer questions from people who are interested in this product!

There are 15 containers and 15 lids (30 pieces total, for those who need numbers).

The containers were well packed in a retail box, and each container was in its own plastic bag.

They are well made, and the first time when you place the lid on top, you have to position it and press to allow the soft rubber to lock to the top of the container.

I never had any issues with the containers nor the lids.

I store trail mix, nuts, and cereal. No problem of staleness with any.

Promised Review by Devek Maga
  • Perfect for Pantry Organization
  • BPA Free and Food Grade Material
  • Stackable Design
  • Airtight Containers Keep Food Fresh