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Ryan Garcia Reflex Bag

Ryan Garcia Reflex Bag
Ryan Garcia Reflex Bag

MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0

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Ryan Garcia Reflex Bag is very nice product. A lot of the review are because the base will not stand still. Well the problem is you are using water! Sand is needed for the base and weight bag. Strongly recommend. I used Play Sand from Lowe’s. $5 per bag.

I purchased two. One other thing is the directions for the speed adjustment is a little tricky. Speed 1 & 2 are the two different bags. The big bag is Speed 1, and the small bag is 2. The other speeds you have to put the adjuster inside of the spring (BLACK CUSHION).
Then the big bag is 3, and the small is 4. I hope this helps out. I love the bag, honestly everything I expected. I hate when review are bad because of user error. I would recommend this to my whole family!

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