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Rubber Band Bracelets With Beads

Rubber Band Bracelets With Beads
Rubber Band Bracelets With Beads

DasKid 12100+ Rubber Bands Refill Loom Set 11,000+ Loom Bands 42 Colors 600 Clips 200 Beads + 52 ABC Beads 30 Charms 10 Backpack Hooks 10 Tassels 5 Crochet Hooks 5 Hair Clips +ABC & Number Stickers

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Rubber Band Bracelets With Beads is the best product . This is a 4.5 review, as much as we loved these bands, we do have some feedback.

My daughter is 6-year-old and discovered these at a playdate. We have been having looming parties when her friends come over, or simply enjoying making bracelets for each other as a calming and bonding experience as a quiet night activity.

We don’t have any equipment (such as the pegs if you know what I am talking about) – simply our fingers and sometimes with pencils as pegs. Great for fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Promised Review By Amazone Customer
  • 1. None of the elastics had break on us and we had used 1,000 to 2,000 as an estimate.
  • 2. Sturdy box that it comes from. Save lives for organization.
  • 3. Plenty of S-hooks and other beads and decoration items included.
  • 1. Color scheme – it does not have a true bright orange. It has two cells of light yellow, then one cell of yellow-orange and one cell of “gold” and that is all you are getting in this color group. In comparison, it has 3 cells of blue, and green each. 5 cells of pink/purple.
  • 2. Shapes – if you look at my pictures carefully, you can see a dent/seam on the bands, so that it’s not a perfect round shape. This shows up in all of the bands, some more severe some less.
  • Of course, to some extent, it will impact the end product. While the inner perfectionist tells me to notice them, most people won’t notice if they received the end products as gifts. It might bother some people..
  • Overall, get them if you like crafting. There might be better made bands out there for more serious “loomers” but for beginners or casual usage or even a birthday gift for a young girl, this will do just fine!